Equine, Livestock & Event Photography

Equine Photography, Events, Cattle Marketing and More......

Over the years, I have developed an interest in photography, and have become very interested in the art of equine photography, as well as capturing life on the ranch. From my experience putting together our horse sale catalogue and taking photos to market my own horses, there is one thing I have noticed....A bad picture & bad camera angle, can make a good horse look bad, or exagerate the look of certain traits, even though that's not really what the horse looks like! .....BUT.....A good picture & a good camera angle can always pick up on the good qualities, traits & even personality of any horse, as every horse deserves to be shown in their best light!

As quarter horse breeders and horse lovers, my sister and I know the importance of getting the perfect shot of your equine partner. Whether it be for promotion of your stallion, sale photos and advertising, or wanting the perfect portrait of your horse to hang on the wall.....we can help! We take the time it takes to get the perfect shot, and pay close attention to detail. We also offer services to photograph lots of cattle for internet auctions and more. Keep in touch, I will be expanding services in the near future to include ad design, sales catalogue creations and much much more! Please don't hesitate to contact Pam or I with your questions. We are always here to help!